Whether you see an original recording artist and a fearless fashion pioneer or someone that’s rather clever at flashing her knickers and jumping on the latest musical fads, Rihanna’s chameleonic charms mean that an interesting new hairstyle is never too far away. This bushy and bouncy ponytail is viciously flirty, dirtily dramatic, and screams, look at me. High ponytails are also great for giving an illusion of lift for cheekbones and temples, as the eye is naturally drawn upwards when observing such a high-flying ‘do. To learn how to shape a similar style, click style notes.


Step: Unless your natural texture is like Rihanna’s, start by adding curl to your hair, as it’s the swirling texture that gives this style its flirty and fabulous charms. To do, apply protective thickening lotion and curl enhancer to dry hair and use a curling wand to to create indiscriminate waves and curls all around the head shape.


Step: Apply layers of refinish dry shampoo for instant root-lift and gorgeous, lived-in texture.


Step: Sweep front and sides of the hair to the back, gathering on the occipital bone. Lift up high and tie with elastic. Use hands to fan out the pony, creating a high-flying, big and bouncy shape, just like Rihanna.

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