“Quick, easy and uncomplicated is what we want at this time of year,” says Corrinn Dinan, stylist at ARROJO NYC. My must haves are Protective Thickening Lotion and Holding Spray. The lotion protects from heat, thickens and builds body, while Holding Spray creates support, shine and hold. It’s a versatile duo for blowdrying, using hot-tools, and creating updos.” Click notes for three great hairstyles, using only two products…

Here’s three easy ways to use this Holiday Duo…. 

Straight Styles: Apply Protective Thickening Lotion to damp hair for lightweight body. Comb the hair through. If you have bangs, tackle them first; blowdry with nozzle attached while combing your bangs back and forth until dry. Dry rest of the hair roots to ends. Finish with your flat-iron (if desired) for extra smoothness. Mist Holding Spray over your style from a 8-10 inches away for support and shine. Finish by smoothing the hair with hands.

Loose Waves: Apply Protective Thickening Lotion to damp hair. If you have bangs, dry them first, as before. Blast roots dry with a blowdryer, lifting the hair up with hands as you work. Next, using fingers twist sections of hair away from the face. Blowdry these twists up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. Once dry, mist with Holding Spray. Randomly wrap sections of hair around a curling wand, away from the face. Finish with more Holding Spray; shake out for a sexy, undone finish.

Natural Texture Styling: Liberally apply Protective Thickening Lotion to damp hair. Then follow the desired styling option below:

For very curly textures mist Holding Spray over your hair and scrunch and tousle as it air dries for an easy wash-and-wear style.

If your hair is curly but needs to be dried, first scrunch and twist small sections. Now dry with a diffuser, resisting the urge to touch it. Once the hair is dry, ruffle the curls by placing your fingertips at the roots to shake the curls out gently. Finish with Holding Spray over your hair to set the style.

For wavy textures, you can lift the hair at the roots and scrunch the hair as you diffuse.  Always make sure that the roots are dry before you focus too much attention on the ends. Flip your hair around as you dry it to ensure root lift. Mist Holding Spray over your hair, then flip your head over and mist the underside of your hair. Shake your hair vigorously from the roots and enjoy your texture with body.

Thanks to Corrinn Dinan for Contributing to this Story.

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