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New York Fashion Week’s trend towards texture is Style Noted below. And the waves have reached the airwaves! This segment from Monday’s edition of ABC Chicago features Nick Arrojo using inspiration from the runways (where his master team created much of the magic) to show girls about town how they can get the latest looks and coolest styles, right at their vanity table. Grab a curling iron and a pin and let’s begin! 

New York Fashion Week is the apotheosis of the fashion industry. The bleeding edge of new trends. And not just in design. Many of the worlds top hairstylists gather here too. Their approach to modern and creative hairstyling is watched by the world. They make avant-garde hair shapes and styles central to the work of the world’s top designers. The results influence what people –– from celebrities to working moms –– want to do with their hair this season.

At Style Noted Towers we’ve scurried and sifted, and we’ve found the abiding trend. Of course, not everyone wears this look, for hairstyles should always be tailored to the overall image, yet whether one examines Lacoste or Rag & Bone, Leanne Marshall or Rafael Cennamo, Fashion Week’s zeitgeist is textured, flowing looks, and cascading waterfall effects –– especially when straightness on top is married to variation in texture underneath.

Just like when the super sleek and straight lacquered hair was the style, and everyone went for keratin straightening treatmentsthere is now a growing movement to create these wavy, beachy, modern multi-textured styles, either day to day, or as a permanent style.

To make this look yours for spring and summer, check American Wave, a new salon service for wave and texture enhancement, which recently featured on ABC Chicago.

If you’d like to create this look with hot tools and products by your vanity table, log on to Style Noted tomorrow for our first hair tutorial –– Curling Irons Can Create Curl Too!

As the years fly by, our personalities and careers change and adapt. So should our hair. It should be part of personality, life. Anytime it’s dated, old-fashioned, or dull it’s time for a change. Hair is the best and easiest way to convey a look, create a positive impression,  redefine our image. Make hair an accessory to who you are and don’t be afraid to change it as times change, too!

Take Ginnifer Goodwin. She entered Hollywood with beautiful long layered locks, a typical style for girls. She was one to watch. But so were many others. Then she chopped her long hair into an edgy, elfin pixie style. Quick as a paparazzi flash, she went from pretty young actress to fashion-forward favorite famed for her fearless, fabulous style.

The dramatic change created a new image; the short style suits her sweet doll-like feature, adds definition to her face, helps her to look polished and pulled together –– an actress to take seriously –– yet still young, stylish and chic.

We’re approaching spring, which is the natural time of renewal: Does Ginnifer inspire a great hair change from you?

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We love this look because it comes with vibrant shine, healthy glow –– two things that should never be underestimated in hair. The dark chocolate brown is bold, intense and rich, with great brilliance. The long length with layers and none-too-perfect side-part are feminine classics. Clever styling makes magical texture on the ends.

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