From the daily archives: "Saturday, March 24, 2012"

Skewing the lines between a hairdressing editorial and visual art, Painted Ladies, a collection from ARROJO master stylist, Amanda Jenkins, stands for psychedelia-inspired, polychromatic creative edge. The hairstyles span the gamut of the cool and creative with polychrome blush reflecting the hallucinatory nature of the counterculture decade.

Step: A blonde synthetic wig, set on extra small perm rods, then steamed and brushed out, is graphic and bold.

Step: A human hair wig, pre-colored to orange, razor-cut, and set in a figure eight shows the beauty and grace of texture.

Step: A classic round graduation shows the power of a perfectly rounded, aggressively feminine shape.

Step: The tantalizing deep-set bangs of the razor-cut bowl is a vivid interpretation of a sixties classic.

Step: The classic one-length cut makes strength and structure edgy and hip.


Hair: Amanda Jenkins, supported by Zeph O’Hora (for ARROJO)

Styling: Amanda Jenkins

Photography: Andy Lin

Photographic Assistant: Jammi York

Makeup: Nicole Blanco


ARROJO stylist, Caroline McGovern reveals an inspirational editorial putting Stevie Nicks’ ethereal sense of beauty into contemporary hair, fashion and style. A romantic mix of feminine fantasy and rock and roll, the hair and the overall theme of the collection, made with delicate and ethereal allure, reminds us of a unique era in music and fashion.

Hair: Caroline McGovern (for ARROJO)
Photography: David Carlo
Makeup: Liz Marz
Production Assistant: Tabitha Baker
Wardrobe: Valeria Likova, with ‘What Goes Around Comes Around”