From the monthly archives: "April 2012"

A classic short and layered graduation, perfect for promoting youthfulness. The bangs have been cut to sweep elegantly across the face; they add softness and sassiness for an artful and elegant ‘do. Prominence is placed on a light and loose, modern, easy to wear haircut that creates beauty in a client-friendly, “I can easily make this great at home” kind of way.  For the color, all over very light brown highlighting creates shimmering depth and dimension. It shows the value of fitting color to complexion.

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Styling naturally curly hair is one of the most befuddling styling challenges for the at-home hair doer. Yes, it does require careful technique, yet remember, it is still just hair –– it is still made from the same five things! Simply put, using the right products in conjunction with the right techniques makes styling curly hair creative, easy and fun.

We told you! Short hair is cool! Joining fellow beauties from the Hollywood nouveau –– Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara –– Evan Rachel Wood surprises and delights with this dramatic change. No more archetypal strawberry blonde, no more stereotypical long layer cut, this pompadoured short crop in a dark blond hue gives her a completely different look. Notice how it lifts up her cheekbones, see how eyes pop. If you want to go short, keep the sides short, with some length on top –– it gives you some hair to play with, so you can creatively vary your style everyday.