From the daily archives: "Tuesday, April 17, 2012"

We warned you weeks ago that the coming trend for texture is about to explode. And it’s already infiltrating the spirit of teen rebellion as Cyrus the siren shows us the timeless beauty and grace –– and the elegant individual personality –– of textured tresses. The golden blonde ombre is doing a lot for Miley too, but it is the magic of those beautifully bouncing spirals that lifts up the whole look, turning a wide-eyed girl into a woman with a sexy side.

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Changing your hair color can really enhance the way you look, and it might even change your personality. Color has great potential to change the way you feel about yourself. Just ask the girl who goes platinum blonde. She immediately feels blonde, girly, and flirty with Marilyn Monroe inspired confidence.  And it’s not just blonde that has this effect. Go dark, go light, go red – any of these popular color palettes can totally change the way you look and feel. You can even create an alter-ego for yourself. Color is something you can have a lot of fun with.

Just check out the changing tones of Jessica Alba to see what we mean….As a brunette she looks like the girl next door; as a blonde she’s all California Girl; and as a red she’s little miss vixen. Go see what a new hue can do for you! 

Lily Collins’ muted tones are so earthy and natural! The long length with light layering and center-part creates drama, while the rich, lustrous hue is full of sultry shine. The hair looks so thick and glossy, healthy and happy –– it’s a great example of the radiant brilliance one can achieve if you pick a single process color that is close to your natural level.

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