From the daily archives: "Wednesday, May 30, 2012"

ARROJO senior colorist, Mariesa Ferrarois chiming in on Style Noted as our on-hand professional. This week we spotted a picture of Twiggy, and it got our grinders going. How did this “Cockney Kid” become the “The Face of ’66,” and the world’s first supermodel? Mariesa tells us more…

I love looking at eras of fashion for creative inspiration. One of my favorite style icons from the 1960s is Twiggy. I am sure that if it hadn’t been forTHAT haircut, Twiggy, would not of been the style icon she was. With archetypal long length hair, she was just another girl looking for a break in Swinging London. It goes to show the power of the haircut, the power of transformation.

Prior to the ‘60s, hair for women was much longer and more feminine. Twiggy changed that. Large eyes, so petite, when her hair was cut short it created an androgynous look that fitted the new fashion for A-line dresses, military-inspired suits, and other unisex looks. Her crop created a total look that was the perfect match for the time.

As the Sassoon era of short, geometric shapes was beginning to burgeon, the world was given a muse for this new paragon of style. Ever since, hair and fashion and style have been intrinsically linked.

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Spotted at Cannes Film Festival wearing the prettiest of pretty adornments to her urbane updo, Kirsten Dunst is our inspiration to talk about an increasingly popular trend: headbands that dazzle. Until recently, headbands were known for their casual form. They were made for a day at the beach or shopping on Main Street. But the humble headband is on the rise. Whether Faux or Real Mccoy, now you can get them with peals or sparkles, diamonds or glitter. Like Kristin, wear it with a whimsical, flirty and undone feeling so it doesn’t look too forced. A few pieces draping out of an updo is always beautifying. And whatever you wear them for, use headbands to keep most hair back, and away from the face.

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Whenever we talk about Emma Stone, we are drawn to the amazing, copper-toned hue that, with her pale complexion and sheer green eyes, creates magical allure. This cute twist and pin to the side gives us a great chance to talk about her cut and style. An archetypal mid-to-long heavily layered cut –– hugely popular in the salon and on the street because it’s such a feminine, easy-to-wear long hairstyle –– the inventive pushing of a few strands to one side forms a sexy sweep that gently frames her features. For timeless beauty and grace, practice styling tricks like this.

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