From the daily archives: "Wednesday, June 13, 2012"

This fabulous, pretty texture with an ornamental accessory exemplifies how decorative clips can add whimsical beauty to any kind of pulled up look. An ornamental clip creates embellished finishing touches and finery.  There are several options: putting the hair into decorative clips when you’re ready to wear a romantic updo, clipping low in the back for softness, or off to the side for more edge. You can even wear most of the hair down and still accent your hair with a decorative clip. So long as you look dapper, the rest doesn’t matter.

Mila Kunis exudes sex appeal; she can stalk our Black Swan anytime! We can’t all have her come-hither smile, but the long-length bohemian hairstyle is achievable for everyone. A classic layer shape with an off-center-parting, the magic is in the highlights and the styling. The beatnik wave starts just over the temples, putting sultry brown eyes front and center. The tousled texture also feature delicate caramel highlights, which offsets the earthy and natural dark brown, and spotlights the wave cascade. All together, it is a soft and seductive, on-trend look.

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Holy hue, now that’s a hair color! The trend for a new wave of candy-coated hair colors began in high fashion. In the past year, Mulberry’s ice-cream-inspired advertising campaign and Prada’s mauve-like dip-dyes for the runways have created a stampede towards avant-garde blush. Soft and pretty, with punch and pizazz, there is another reason for the popularity of statement colors: It is the new wave of blonde. Classic flaxen has become passé for the terribly chic; nowadays, devoted followers of fashion pre-lighten, then use innovatory tones –– like this gorgeous rose dust –– to keep it unique.

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This high-energy image features fabulous high energy color that follows the current trend for vanguard dip-dyes. Often labelled ‘My Little Pony” colors for their vibrant range of polychromatic tones, this modern way to color hair has some surprising benefits. Available in temporary tints in the salon, they offer instant gratification for anyone that needs a quick or striking change. And being temporary means you can vary according to mood or wardrobe or season. You can also do it yourself. Companies like Manic Panic now offer at-home dip-dyes anyone can do. Thus, if you find a temporary dip-dye you love, you can go to the salon for a permanent application.