From the daily archives: "Friday, June 15, 2012"

It’s Friday! You don’t have to go to work tomorrow; it’s party time! And with this inspirational nighttime style, you can channel your inner pin-up. Jessica is wearing a sultry, retro ‘do, structured and elegant, with gorgeous shine. For an equally fabulous look, there are a few things to note. Notice how the short side is kept behind the ear, which creates the asymmetry that opens her beautiful features –– do the same. Notice how the waves start alluringly at the eye line –– do the same. And to create texture like this, the trick is to make curls, then brush them into a romantic wave.

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This is an awesome look for a hip, chic gal. A creative, graphic shape with heavy emphasis placed on the bangs, the strong but soft outline acts as a great frame for the features. With the jagged line and fluidity, we’ll bet this is a razor-cut, which keeps it lose and shaggy. Here the finish is undone, distressed –– but the style is versatile: It can be easily smoothed-out with a blowdry. An edgy look that is surprisingly easy to wash and wear.

This week we received this submission from Connie Heavener from Salon Heavener . Such a dramatic graduation of color is not for everyone, but it does highlight the true nature of ombre, which has been toned down to suit commercial trends. Over to Connie to note the style…

Yvette is a Level 4 naturally, which is very dark. Leaving her roots, I gradually lightened the rest of her hair until we got to the ends. The level 4 moves gradually to a Level 6, and then to platinum. She can wear her hair straight showing off her ombre fade or she can wear it curly, as pictured. –– Connie Heavener