From the daily archives: "Saturday, June 16, 2012"

Five days of work, one whole day of play, come on everybody –– sport sexy updos today! Summer is a great time for updos. There’s always parties to attend, and who wants hair in their face on a steamy night? So today we are featuring two of the most popular updo posts to appear on Style Noted. First on stage, Natalie Portman and her French Twist… 

Natalie Portman has always had more of a traveled and continental je ne sais quoi than the average Tinsel Town gal. She’s the perfect muse for this luxurious and elegant hairstyle. A look in which the hair is tucked into a vertical roll down the back of the head, the French Twist is often saved for weddings and special occasions, yet it has such Parisian chic it should be worn more often. Try it for brunch with the girls and be the envy of the table.

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