From the daily archives: "Wednesday, June 27, 2012"

With an elfin profile, Carey Mulligan is a great fit for short hair; her delicate features benefit from the exposure. A short and choppy shag, with textured layers all through the front, top, sides and back, the beauty of this shape is that it promotes a soft, cascading, carefree style; it’s whimsical and light. With dark roots growing in to her classic golden blonde, Carey is cleverly using the regrowth to add a gritty, lived-in feel to her style.

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We are thrilled to present the hair color change of esteemed fashion blogger, Claire Geist. Claire’s a regular on fashion shoots so she must look good. She visited ARROJO last week carping –– charmingly –– that her hue wasn’t summery enough for her latest collections, so senior stylist, Mariesa Ferraro, got to work.

“Claire’s roots needed touching up and her ends looked faded from the elements,” said Mariesa. “I did a single process on the roots using a rich copper shade and worked slices of the same color in diagonal sections to create a multi-tonal, seamless fusion of terracotta tones throughout her hair. I finished with a glaze for extra shine.”

From faded copper to shimmering terracotta, Claire was a happy girl. “Mariesa pulled the color through my brighter undertones rather than making my hair one solid shade. I’m finding the variation works great with my natural texture. It gives me a shimmering, multi-dimensional look; I love it!”

On the day, Claire’s hair was also professionally styled. For Style Notes from a pro, click below… 

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Style bloggers have been rocking top-knots for ages, and now celebrities are embracing this trendy hairstyle. In early June, lovely Julianne Hough paired a messy top-knot with an edgy neon dress at the premiere of Rock of Ages. The next day, Ashley Tisdale wore a top-knot with a sheer lace dress at the Butterfly Ball. Ashley is certainly working summer bohemia, yet there’s something to love about Julianne’s daring ensemble paired with that tousled bun. So what do you think –– who wore it best?

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