From the daily archives: "Thursday, September 13, 2012"

Style Editor and Beauty Expert Maegan of has a plethora of wonderful hair tutorials on her blog. We picked one of our favorite styles to share, a low braided updo. This look is an excellent option for when you need your hair up and away, but still want a soft and romantic look. Click through for Maegan’s video on how to construct this pretty ‘do in your own hair.

Running out of creative bun ideas? Try this version of a rope braid tied into a bun. First, check out our tutorial on how to create a rope braid (it’s so simple you’ll wonder how you never knew before). Also, think about other braids you could possibly tie into buns for new and interesting visual affects. What’s your favorite braid to toss up into a knot?

Though the trending cuts for Fall may be fringes, bobs, and candy-colored hues in hair, there is nothing wrong with flaunting your long locks if you have them. Above are two of our favorite inspiring images of gorgeous girls with lengthy hair. However, in order to have the best long hair possible, it is imperative that you keep it looking and feeling natural and healthy. Click through for our style notes to guide you through on which products to use to best keep your endless tresses looking perfect.

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