From the monthly archives: "November 2012"

Most men would have difficulty naming a fashion icon, but few could deny the impact of Jon Hamm and his Mad Men character, Don Draper. His portrayal has brought back dapper fashion. Neatly parted hair, un-ironic suits, ties and bow-ties all look cool again thanks to the hard working, hard playing bad boys of this sixties fantasy. Jon is tall, dark, and classically handsome –– 30 Rock even created a skit based around the preferential treatment his looks inspire. On screen or off, Jon has a classic style that has taught a new generation of men to reach for ties and pomade after decades of ironic t-shirts, baggy jeans, and scruffy haircuts. We can’t thank him enough. To see some of Jon’s most debonair moments, click style notes. 

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Metal Magazine’s recent spread The Misfits may be inspired by punk fashion, but the whimsical combination of patterns, tousled rainbow colored hair, and enigmatic setting feel more like a trip to wonderland than CBGBs. Model Chloe Norgaard floats between steps in a blue cape, peers from beneath an oversized mad hatter cap, and leans in to kiss a masked face. Her hair is alive with swirling color, streaming behind her as she runs and leaps, then falling in prismatic arcs. Soft pink makeup and heavily lined eyes enhance the fairytale quality, giving a magical sparkle to the role of outsider.

Today we found this classic picture of British beauty, Keira Knightley. It reminds us that an amazing hair cut can guild the lily of even the prettiest flower. A youthful, choppy bob with side bangs, the back has been razor cut into a graduated shape, which helps hair to appear elevated, giving the impression of extra volume. The jagged lines of the razor also aid the feeling of separation and piece-y-ness; the cut looks carefree and easy, and hangs perfectly above Keira’s chin. We think this is a great style for a hip girl about town because it’s modern, beautifying and fun. For tips on styling modern bobs, click style notes. 

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Straight haired people love to gush about curls, but those endowed with corkscrew texture are often overwhelmed. Left unmanaged, coils can quickly spiral out of control, especially on men who spend less time taming their texture. The super-short sides and back of this cut provide a structured foundation that frames the longer, unbounded top. With a clearly defined outline even the most unruly kinks take on a tailored edge. For tips on textured hairstyles for men, click through style notes.