From the daily archives: "Friday, November 9, 2012"

With her delicately freckled skin and deep copper locks, Julianne is a stunning beauty who plays up her unusual coloring with bright ensembles and bold lipsticks. She wears her trademark red hair long and soft letting her natural beauty shine. Julianne knows what she likes and sticks to it. Although she’s played a wide variety of roles during her career, her style off-screen has displayed remarkable consistency. Julianne inspires us to embrace our own unique attributes, to find what works and stand by it. Click through style notes to see more heroic images of this speckled pulchritude. 

A feathered headband brings downy texture to this casual updo. Peacock feathers are commonly featured in evening accessories, but these slender, muted quills have a subtle elegance suited for daytime. Earthy tones and soft texture make plumes a great fall accessory. Click through the style notes for tips on achieving this avian style.

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Blondes love to be light and bright, but a single shade can look flat, even if it’s very pale. A mix of warm and cool blondes accented with caramel strands makes for a shiny, healthy, and contemporary look. Contrasting ribbons make platinum pieces pop, while the mix of silver and pale gold adds shimmering light, depth and dimension. Tones like this work well with a variety of colors, making wardrobe choices endless. Get twinkling blonde in a few simple steps…. 

With the holiday season coming up, creating party hair styles is easier than ever with jeweled accents. Do like Elle does and pop on a shimmery head piece to make a statement. An embellished accessory will complement your look no matter what hair style you choose, whether it be down, an up-do, or anything in between. What do you think of this look?