From the daily archives: "Monday, November 26, 2012"

If you were with us in the summer, you’ll know Emma Stone became a fast favorite on style noted because of her awe-inspiring color changes. Whether raven or copper or platinum her beauty always emerges; there is something about the tone of her skin, the pierce of her eyes that lets her look lovely every time. Here, however, it’s the shape that gets Stone noted. The softly tousled mid-length and beautiful, polished side-swept bang is vintage and sixties-inspired and mod. With this kind of éclat, it’s easy to imagine Emma riding a Lambretta while listening to Green Onions. To catch a similar groove, click style notes for tips.

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Go swingy and flirty with this piece-y chin length style. Shorter lengths at the cheekbones, a swooshing bang, and lots of texture give movement and flow to fine, limp hair. A mixture of blond tones further defines variations in length and texture while a clean, blunt outline provides structure that balances the organic movement of the shape’s interior. Click style notes to get a similar look in a few simple steps.

We are now post Thanksgiving Day, so everyone is gearing up for the Holidays. There’s so many parties to attend, what does one do with one’s hair! In this barren yet festive season a bit of greenery is a welcome change. Adorning your head with flowers, leaves, and berries is mirthful and unexpected. A circlet of delicate foliage is a perfect accessory for a Holiday belle. For inspiration, we love the arrangements up above; to make it your own, click style notes for tips for wearing this trend.

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There’s a whole new meaning to “going green” these days. As the color trend continues to grow, the colors seem to be getting bolder and bolder. We’re seeing more and more girls going green and we can’t say we’re not loving it! If you’re thinking of trying green locks there’s so many styles to chose from. You can do light washed out hues, dip dyed tips, ombre, or really go for it with solid bold green ‘do! If this fit’s your style, we think this is a trend worth trying!