From the monthly archives: "January 2013"

Editorial spreads give mood and context to trending styles, provoking excitement and interest, but the purpose of high fashion is to push the envelope, and translating glossy magazine spreads into wearable looks can be challenging. One of the big trends for spring is cotton candy texture –– fluffy hair expanded into soft shapes through backcombing. An everyday version of this style pairs gently with ruffled ponytails loosely tied at the shoulder, with a clean center part and low-volume roots. Natural makeup and simple, feminine clothing lend a soft, sexy vibe. Learn how to recreate this style in a few simple steps. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

Blue black is a term often used to describe colorless jet, but this season, indigo and navy are gracing dark shades with a true azure shimmer. Blue is the hardest color for your eye to distinguish, so even a bright version of this tone looks less garish than vibrant red. Blue is calming, cool and mysterious and gives an icy sparkle that feels just right for cold weather. For added intensity, highlights in periwinkle or sky make for high-impact variation. This tone is striking when combined with strong, geometric shapes like an angular bob with a square bang. –– Laura Martin

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She started a fashion revolution for girls with curvaceous hips, and now voluptuous fashion blogger, Nadia Aboulhosn, is becoming a paragon of hip hairstyles. When we saw her go from a classic long look to a bob to this cool, street tough pixie cut, we asked her to share her thoughts with Style Noted. She went one better, giving us this step by step tutorial of styling her hair to be sexy, funky, and chic. For Nadia’s first hand account, click style notes.

Hair color is a hot topic of the beauty conscious, and this week’s look at wearing blonde, brunette, or red shows how different colors change how we look and feel. Then, as we were catching up with some of our favorite fashion bloggers, we found this sexy, bombshell cochineal by tootsie covers queen, Jane Aldridge –– master of the Sea of Shoes blog. We adore it. It’s vibrant like a vixen, and paired with her pale complexion, it creates the contrast that stands out in a crowd. The styling is great too. A simple center-part drifts into a tumbling wave cascade with casual carefree elegance; the tousle on the ends spotlights the brightness of the hue. For tips on getting a similar style, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →