From the monthly archives: "February 2013"

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Kristen Stewart’s hair has that devil-may-care, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-I-don’t-give-a-damn personality. It’s exciting, appealing, and allows us to peek into her unclothed psyche. Tantalizing, luscious and slinky, her long, layered cut is pushed back and swept over the top, creating face-framing asymmetry within a disheveled, lived-in look. We recommend a style like this whenever you want to wear a come-hither smile and a few wisps of silk. It’s easy to create with blowdryer, product and hands. To find out how, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


This look draws on the iconic shapes worn by James Dean and Elvis Presley, looking both classic and exaggerated. The extended length of the top, worn in a high, planar shape, adds a touch of rebellion to a debonair look. A trim beard gives the style a hint of indie rock appeal and manly charm. The bespoke look is a perfect counterpoint to the understated lines and vibrant colors that compromise the new men’s looks for spring. Read on for detailed instructions on getting the cut including sectioning, shaping, and styling. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Holy hue, what a hair color! A blistering combination of orange-based, bronzed copper locks with milky, blue-based skin creates a remarkable, beautiful contrast, especially when accented with piercing blue-green eyes. With so many multi-toned and graduated colors now on the market, it’s good to have a reminder of the sparkling vivacity of a one-toned hue.  The hairstyle is classically feminine: Long length with light layers and a soft, elegant side sweep to spotlight the eyes. To tips on achieving a similar look, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


Long hair provides an abundance of styling options but lacks the emphatic power and personalization of a shorter shape, at least until you add bangs. Short, thoughtfully constructed fringes will open the shape of a longer cut, emphasizing the eyes and harmonizing with the planes of the face. Geometric bangs combined with long, organic lengths calls to mind the classic beauty of sixties icons like Audrey Hepburn, providing a strong, feminine statement. Best of all, the shorter frame around the face will add strength to any style, from a simple ponytail to an elaborate bouffant. Click Style notes to read ways to make the look work for you. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


This is such a cute and contemporary way to wear a chin-length bob. Bold and beautiful, soft and whimsical, it has the ingredients to make heads turn. Covering blonde with pale pink gives a peach or strawberry toned finish that is dainty, airy, light –– and on trend. But it is the sweeping fringe cutting across the eye line that makes the magic. It adds essential drama, spotlights beguiling eyes, and is so graphic that we can feel it swoosh. A wraparound blowdry is an easy and effective way to put similar movement into your own hairstyle; for an explanation of the technique, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →