From the daily archives: "Tuesday, March 5, 2013"

7 pm

Amanda Seyfried is racking up the iconic roles. No sooner had she become accustomed to bourgeois passtimes as Cosette in Les Miserables than her mouthing off put her in prime position to play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic, Lovelace. Here at Style Noted, however, we are swallowed up in her latest look. A strong and structured long length with light layering below the chin, it is a dramatic cut for fierce cheekbones. Amanda has a beautifully symmetrical face, which means the center-part works in an elegant, sexy way. For most visages, though, it’s better to keep the part just off center so the face isn’t split down the middle. For Amanda, the most striking element is the contrast. Pale makeup, blonde hair, red lip, and piercing eyes combine to make the features stark, yet delightful. For tips on blowdrying long, straight hair, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

4 pm

Two simple plaits divided by a center part is a simple style but add a few bold details and it is transformed into an extraordinary look. Touches of primary hues, a loose, undone finish, and powdery roots add a fairytale quality to this vanguard style. The model’s pale, monochromatic makeup and smokey, shadowed eyes give her an intense, sultry look that keeps her braids from feeling too simple. This look is a great example of how even the simplest of styles can be transformed into trailblazing high fashion with a few special touches. Read on for tips on revamping your favorite classics. –– Laura Martin 

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A great hairstyle becomes even better when it is complemented by great color. To look more polished, more pulled together, more modern, you need a dynamic hue. It is an opportunity to brighten up your best features. Hair color draws more attention to your face, especially the eyes. Color creates magic. And one thing we’ve noticed on the blog is the popularity of our color inspiration posts, which tend to drive the most traffic. (Thanks to you for checking them out!) So we asked celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo to share with us his key thoughts for great hair colors. He came up with ten tips, including everything from the pre-color thought process to trends to upkeep. Click style notes for the exposé.  Click for StyleNotes →


Chin length styles are a timeless look that are always classic, always contemporary. This length requires minimal styling and, if hair is relatively straight, will turn under naturally. Bobs are easy to customize; add some layers, taper the edge, or embellish with a bang, and the shape takes on a whole new mood. This is a length that works on just about everyone, but personal tailoring is key. When selecting your perfect bob there is a lot to consider, both in terms of your natural texture and density, and your sense of style. Generally thick or coarse hair needs more layering and texturizing while fine or thin hair will benefit from crisp edges and stacked exteriors. The short length prevents ends from getting too wispy even on finer hair types, and provide structure for thick hair. The key to a perfect bob is all in the details. Read on for a pictorial guide to fine tuning this archetypal shape. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →