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The curling iron has lived a charmed life. Effective at creating wave and movement, tousle and flow in straight hair, this contemporary, quick-fix tool has had no substitute –– other curling techniques, like rollers, are time-consuming and tricky. So everybody has been buying and using irons. But they do have drawbacks. As the iron clamps on hair, a lot of people end up with ugly crimp marks. Curls can also appear too forced, too perfectAnd because you are clamping on red hot heat, it’s possible to burn and damage strands; and a lot of people do. So what if there was a tool that was easier to handle, offered more versatile curling options, caused less damage, and was even faster than an iron?  The curling wand has come to prominence is the last year; it is an evolution in client-friendly hot-tools. Being clip-less (so no need to clamp on hair), itʼs easier to maneuver, easier to be creative, easier to put natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles. More and more people are switching to wands, so it’s time for our guide on how to use them. For the expo, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

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If you don’t know about fashion blogger Claire Geist, we’ll bet you soon will. This bright young thing was featured recently in Allure Magazine for her influence and sense of style, so when she popped into ARROJO to see top coloristBarton Miller for a new hue, we couldn’t resist snapping a pic of her updated look. A promiscuous scarlet red with vibrant depth and dimension, it looks gorgeous combined the flouncy personality of her naturally textured tresses, giving Claire the confidence to own this rock and roll attitude. To find out how Barton colored and styled Claire’s hair, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →