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Sleek braided styles that wrap around the head appear both youthful and wise, exhibiting the influence of ancient Rome and French schoolgirls. A strip of ribbon or lace woven through an entwine adds color and texture. Brightly colored bands, eyelet fabric, and floral patterns are pretty touches for spring. Chose a fabric with contrasting color and texture for maximum impact. Read on for more tips on wearing this look. –– Laura Marti  

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The image of a bushy-haired, smugly obtrusive witch may be a fun fad, but it’s not the typecast on which to build a lasting career in the Hollywood Nouveau. So since the end of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson has been busy reinventing her image. She cut her hair into a fashionable, mod-inspired crop; and now she’s the sexy, nefarious bad girl in Sofia Coppola’s new flick, The Bling Ring. Here she shows us how to make a beatnik milkmaid braid upscale and elegant. Keeping hair up and off the face, she raises the profile of her cheekbones and chin, while creating room for her dazzling jewelry to sparkle. The look exemplifies that twines can be used for more than the disheveled elegance of modern street stye; keep them polished, refined, combined with the right ensemble, and braids can also be a special occasion ‘do. For tips on creating milkmaids like Emma’s, click style notes.

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Fruity and bright, this berry hue is a perfect choice for spring. Both vivid and organic, this shade strikes the perfect balance between natural and vibrant. Cool undertones make it suitable sun-deprived skin while bright tone has the luscious appeal of spring flowers. Getting this delicate shade can be tricky, so I’ve included my favorite formula for achieving the tone. For maximum reflection this color should be applied to previously uncolored hair that is the same level or lighter. If hair has been previously color, a cleanse should be performed to take the level slightly lighter than the target level 6, this will allow for maximum translucency and shine. Click the style notes for formulation and application steps. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

You heard it here first. In hairstyling, 2012 will be remembered as the year of the paradigm shift. Ever since Jennifer Anniston’s round brush blowdry made her “Friends” ‘do the most popular style of the time, hair has been getting straighter. The apotheosis was reached with keratin treatments but, after nearly twenty years of unbending hair, the pendulum has swung. Look at the runways, look at the celebrities, look at the streets. Beach waves, texture, tousle, flow, loose and cascading looks: this is the new vanguard.

Right on cue, Khloe K sports this luscious, drop down glamor wave. The trend takes inspiration from the seventies, and so can you. Think center-part, think straight drop at the crown, think transition into tousled texture, think big and bouncy and beautiful.

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