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We love this shapely, bouncy and flouncy style. Worn by singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey, it has the romantic whimsy and grace of timeless styles from the golden age of Hollywood. Back then, glamor was about big hair and billowing waves and curls to create desirable femininity. Nowadays, options are wider, trends are different; yet a classic is always in. And Lana makes a beguiling style even more magical with a double flower accent. Placed on the drawn back side of the asymmetrical face-frame, they grab your eyes, which then sweep over the tumbling curls while taking in her beautiful features. The age-old art of setting hair on rollers provides the foundation of this look; to learn how to do it, click style notes.

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Givenchy’s presentation in Paris for Fall 2013 was one of the most talked about shows of the season, but the bold prints and leather embellishments of the clothing paled in comparison to the remarkable hairstyles created by Luigi Murenu. Neat rows of pin curls shellacked with a coating of spray on color in vivid tones made a head-hugging shape that looks like a vintage swim cap made of roses. The combination of classic wet styling with contemporary neon colors is a perfect combination of the old and the new. Heat-free styling is a great way to get strong, long-lasting shape without damage. Finger-waves, rollers and pin-curls will give you a retro finish and keep your strands healthy. Click the style notes to find out more about reviving classic styling. –– Laura Martin

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Without a brush, a blowdryer, or products you can’t style hair effectively. Even great hair stylists would be powerless without some tools to work with. So it is important to know what does what. We asked Nick Arrojo to get the ball rolling with an expert look at the features and benefits of different kinds of hair brushes. Some are best for smoothing or giving volume, others are made simply to detangle. With Nick’s at a glance guide, you can find the brushes that are tailored to the looks you want. To take a peek, click style notes.

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