From the daily archives: "Saturday, March 23, 2013"


We love a good vamp, especially the Old Hollywood kind. During the hype of the Film Noir era of the ‘40s and ‘50s, femme fatale dominated the silver screen. The tailored dresses, the bold lip, the seductive come-hither look. Hair-wise, you can channel your inner femme fatale with a deep side part and a Veronica Lake-inspired wave cascade. An easy way to add asymmetry, this timeless style gives sophistication and class –– with minimal effort. A deep part is flattering on all face shapes, and leaves lots of hair to play with on the long side. As seen in the collage above, today’s bad girls are flaunting their own versions of Veronica’s glamorous look. You can too. For tips on creating the deep sweep, click style notes.

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As the natural time of renewal, spring makes us feel like reinventing ourselves. It’s often the best time to try a radical new ‘do. For anyone thinking like that, here’s a gorgeous, inspirational, short hairstyle. It feels intuitive, daring. It has confident swoosh. A timeless classic with modern allure. The short sides help to elevate features like cheekbones and eyes, while the long, floppy top gives disheveled elegance, beatnik spirit. Created by ARROJO master stylist, Lina Arrojo, you can get styling tips by clicking the notes.

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