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What makes Style Noted unique is that we are a hair blog curated and managed by a team of pioneering hairdressers. And to make our blog a place where all professionals can share their work, we also accept (and encourage) submissions. Sent in by Megan Williams, stylist at Beautiful Me, our fiftieth readers’ offering is a wonderfully whimsical updo that anyone can do. Titled The Hair Bow, wear this style for casual weekend occasions; it’s bound to impress your friends. Megan kindly sent written steps, and a hugely helpful video. To get both, click style notes.

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The reds color palette is so striking. When we see red, it immediately grabs our attention for its uniqueness and individuality. Blondes and brunettes are everywhere, yet red is such a distinctive color that it immediately defines the personality, not just the crowning glory. Reds offer variety with tones in the orange, violet, and blonde ranges, which gives lots of scope to be creative and get a one-of-a-kind, individual look. If you’re interested in going red, we recommend a single process to give you strong, head-turning color. The images above present the trendiest tones this season, but as long as red looks good on you, you can wear it in an assortment of ways. For tips to steer you in the right direction, click style notes. –– Ashley Kowalski 

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Metallic tones lend an otherworldly, moonlit shimmer to brunette bases. This color is fashion-forward but subtle, creating a minimal, contemporary statement. Dark shades often come in warm tones, and for good reason: gold and red undertones reflect light, and keep dark hair from looking flat. Nevertheless, cool tones of deeper shades are elegant, luxurious, and should not to be overlooked. Ash hues tend to look darker, so colorists should formulate color slightly lighter than the desired result. This will keep the tone luminous. For the full, professional formulation, with application tips, click style notes –– Laura Martin

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