From the daily archives: "Sunday, April 7, 2013"

Rose Gold

Spring is here and the design world is dipping into alchemy. The demand for metallics won’t go away. The trend was platinum and silver for some seasons then shifted to gold, and now a new combination, rose gold. Many of our favorite accessory designers, from Jimmy Choo to Cartier, are refiguring their classic staples within rose gold and modernizing by introducing touches of black. This is the perfect union of rich tradition and contemporary flavor. Though we’re not as committed as Shirley Eaton –– the brave actress who allowed herself to be covered in liquid gold for iconic sixties flick, Goldfinger –– we’re excited to add this hypnotic color to our beauty routines. As such, thought about ways to add rose gold to hair, skin, makeup, and accessories. To steal our tips and tricks for a rosy spring and summer, click style notes.

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Blonde vs Brunette

The blonde versus brunette debate rumbles on. As with most pop culture cat fights –– think Krystle and Alexis Carrington –– the disagreement is down to a ruthless tycoon: Hollywood. Last week, actress Oliva Wilde told beauty blog Into the Gloss, how being brunette changed the types of roles she was offered in show business. Once the actress changed her hair from very blonde blonde to brunette, she went from “the sexy hot chick” to “a doctor.” This shift supports Wilde’s belief that the “perception of brunettes being more intellectual persists.” Wilde also commented on the downside of being brunette: “I felt like I was invisible, nobody immediately looks at you. When you’re a blonde… people can’t help but stare.” Even the experts agree, Dr. Lisa Walker, of the University of North Carolina, says hair color “absolutely” plays a role in the way people are perceived. People judge books by covers? Our common sense is tingling. We can’t change how others may judge us, but we can change the energy we put into the world. Besides, in fashion, beauty –– even politics –– there are mavericks who go against the grain, changing how blondes and brunettes are seen. To take inspiration from the way they are blazing the trail, click style notes.

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