From the daily archives: "Saturday, April 20, 2013"

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The editors at Glamour Magazine were so influenced by the free-spirited trends of the spring / summer runway collections that they invited the ultimate flower of hippie chic — Rachel Zoe— to style their recent You Gotta Go Boho editorial. The shoot features models Hind Sahli and Melissa Johannsen and showcases “perfect examples of wearable chic.” Zoe paired several designers, like Emilio Pucchi, Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten, and Hermes to get the best combination of textures and colors. She also mixed flowing feminine dresses with macho outerwear to add some boy-girl tension to the piece. To see what you need to achieve this editorial look, click through to style notes.

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There was a time when beauty brands were far behind in the digital landscape; not anymore. Through social media and digital technology many companies are now giving consumers more access to their culture, and communicating consistently across different media channels. The emergence of digital technology and social media changed retail environments; suddenly, brands had to replicate their expertise, services, and brick and mortar experiences online. In the late noughties, companies began to innovate, e-commerce came to prominence, and consumer demand for the best products changed retail production cycles. Now in 2013, beauty brands must stay engaging and make sure their consumers feel connected to the brand, and confident they can make secure online purchases. To learn about some of the best tech-savvy beauty brands, click though to style notes.

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