From the daily archives: "Saturday, April 27, 2013"

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Anyone stepping into an American Apparel store or looking through style photos from Coachella knows that exposed midriffs are enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame. Exposing skin is sexy; and sexy is always in. But, each season, the focus changes. Based on our analysis of this years’ collections, there is an upcoming shift in erogenous zones –– to the collarbone. Remember how hot Julia Roberts looked in her gown when Richard Gere took her to the Opera in Pretty Woman? We saw several designers, including Valentino, Christopher Kane, and Prada showcasing the open neckline. And when the necklines come down the hair must go up. It means updos are going to be a big part of this year’s most fashion-forward looks. With this is mind, easy, achievable steps to some of our favorites can be found in style notes.

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True style lies in the successful breaking of fashion’s rules. A versatile dresser, Kate Moss epitomizes this thought; she navigates a chameleon world by using her senses as a guide. Despite reinventing herself into every epoch, from classic to vintage to bohemian to rock and roll she is always, irrefutably, Kate Moss. And as one of the two biggest trends of spring and summer is the nineties aesthetic (the other is the 1960s) that Miss Moss owned, we felt it the perfect time to look at the hairstyles of fashion’s ultimate IT girl. She’s donned so many looks during her career, including pixie-cuts, blunt bangs, and tousled waves. It makes it hard to define her best-ever image, which, perhaps, is why the world is obsessed. To see how Kate has worn her crowning glory over the years, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →