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Nicole Ritchie is something of a hair chameleon, regularly changing it up with waves or braids or different colors and lengths. With her latest cut, she embraces this year’s trend for bobs, giving it her own spin with a deep, full and luscious fringe. Cut to the collar-bone, this modern, long layered bob has been razor-cut to add texture and playful piece-y-ness. The shape brings definition to the cheeks and the full, straight, and square lying bangs give face-framing shape, and the structure that makes this look a head-turner. For tips on styling similar looks, click style notes.

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In the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby Isla Fisher plays discontented wife and mistress, Myrtle Wilson; spotted at the Prada-Gatsby cocktail party, she seemed okay with the life. Her mod-inspired ensemble is fabulous, and her hair is its perfect match. Her beautifully symmetrical face suits the center-part, while layers hang over her cheeks, framing the strong bone structure of Fisher’s face. Mostly, we love the thick, lush spirals that sway this way and that. With curling wands making it easier to make such shapes at home, this is a look anyone can do. To find out how, click style notes.

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Photo by Lydia Hudgens Photography 

For her sense of trends, fashion and style, it’s worth checking in on Kim Pesch’s latest looks. This week, we visited her blog,, and she didn’t disappoint. The word on the street is the leather baseball cap is the accessory of choice for groundbreakers and trendsetters this season; Kim shows how to wear it right. Atypically, whenever baseball caps are involved, women gather hair into a tight bun, or make a ponytail and pull it through the back. But the best way to wear the casual yet upscale leather cap is with urban beach waves, tousled and flowing and free. That way, you marry two trends and have the perfect get up for the weekend. For easy styling tips, click style notes.

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Even as a child, Elizabeth Taylor had an unsettling beauty. She landed her first role in a Lassie film at the age of 11, and enjoyed a long and successful career including two Academy Awards as well as recognition for her humanitarian work fightings AIDS. Known for her stunning looks, kindness, and great talent on screen, Taylor is regarded as one of the greatest movie stars of all time. Her beauty is legendary, thanks to her hourglass figure and violet eyes framed by double lashes. She favored bold jewelry, low cut gowns, and short, voluminous hairstyles. Soft waves, full silhouettes, and a side part framed her oval face and delicate features. Read on for tips on recreating and modifying her iconic style. –– Laura Martin 

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