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Sent to us by freelance stylist, Christophe Lambenne, this picture is taken from the Elements Issue Book 2, and is titled Haute Définition. A fashionably elegant high-class look, we love the way the fusion of two matching hairstyles is used to create an interesting visual representation of texture. Along with the image, Christophe also sent steps to achieving this memorable finish, so for anyone who wants similarly artful tousle, click style notes for tips.

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In Arabia, Muslim women are often seen in a black cloak and veil known as an abaya and a shayla –– worn for religious purposes and modesty. The conservative garb leaves little room for individual style. Young women are, however, still finding ways to express themselves; rebellion, celebrity, and fashion have met, and the result is women wearing “camel hump” hairdos under their shaylas. Similar to the style worn by reality T.V. star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, the “camel hump” involves piling the hair straight up from the forehead, with the veil daringly arranged on top. The most inventive and insurgent are even weaving sponges and clips into hair –– making the beehive style stand taller. The look is causing disturbance in the Muslim religious community, as some see it as an extravagant, outrageous tool to attract suitors. Enthusiasts of the poof say that they do it to feel more confident and because they like the style, not for the attention. We support their liberation, and applaud anyone that finds a creative way to show their fashion sense. The story and the style is trending so strong that The Wall Street Journal filmed a report; so to take a closer look at what’s going on, watch the video above. –– Michelle Rotbart 



Skateboards are making a comeback as are the long disconnected hairstyles associated with them. In the nineties, skating was synonymous with rebelliousness and independence, a free-spirited vibe that has a wide-ranging appeal. The sport also had a distinctly punk aesthetic that appealed to the grunge generation, offering a new take on artful disillusionment. Now the look is back, giving a bad boy twist to disconnected shapes, and a new styling option for men with a prohibition era cut. The fusion of dapper gentleman and rebel without a cause gives a new dimension to men’s looks. Read the style notes for tips on getting this exciting amalgamation of classic and maverick style. –– Laura Martin 

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Braids carry a wide variety of connotations, and changes in texture and volume can make all the difference. Twin pigtails is a look that calls to mind childhood romps, but a few small adjustments and this style can look grown up. A slightly imperfect center part, and root volume add a more sophisticated edge. Braiding the hair close to the face and over the ears gives a lean silhouette and a slightly naughty feeling, like a bad school girl. A tight weave lends a gives balance and proportion. To get the look, follow the detailed steps in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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