From the daily archives: "Friday, May 17, 2013"

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We love these ponytails for their ease and versatility. Neither high or low, the mid-height pony benefits from being chameleon in nature: made polished and sleek, it becomes elegant and sophisticated; with a loose and disheveled texture, it becomes free-spirited, flirty and fun. The key to creating a great ponytail is in the preparation; for our tips to making attention-grabbing ponies, click style notes.

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Vanguard editorial Web site,, continues to roll out collections pointing to the future of fashion, trend, and style and this “LIFE IN MIU MIU” story is a hip, elegant interpretation of the ladylike styles of Miu Miu’s modern and minimal aesthetic. Meanwhile, the pixie-cut fringe and mullet in the back bring together a dynamic combination of two hair textures. To see the inspirational full spread, click style notes.

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A forward-facing headband is a great way to embellish simple spring and summer styles; they’re on-trend, take the fuss out of styling, and different designs offer aesthetics from beatnik to bombshell. Whatever your desired image, when headbands  are worn from front to back, flowing waves and curls is the perfect texture to accent the look. With romantic tousle and flow in place, you can wear a hippy-chic cloth headband, a glamorous bejeweled version, or something slender that sweeps hair back dramatically. For our tips on putting together this look, click style notes.

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