From the daily archives: "Monday, May 27, 2013"

Time for a fun, inspirational video post! We don’t tell anyone (but you!) about our crooning in the shower, but that doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate our passion for those that like to belt out about terrific tresses. And Hair is just the ticket for sweet relief. In this video, watch John Savage as Claude Hooper Bukowski in the film adaptation of the musical. He sings about his passion for his long hair. We could hardly agree more…



Ponytails are a great staple, but sometimes they feel too simple, too ordinary. A quick twist adds some elegance without losing simplicity, providing a quick and easy variation. A deep side part  sweeps hair across the forehead, while a rolled side adds a hint of vintage appeal. The look is completed with a flirty cascade of hair over one shoulder for a look dressy enough for a night out but casual enough to wear with jeans. Read on for simple steps to creating this look.––Laura Martin 

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