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Last spring, the ‘Top Knot’ entered the fashion and beauty lexicon. For women and girls it offers the perfect combination of casual yet chic, while keeping hair off the face for an easy day or night ‘do. But it takes some serious machismo for guys to pull off this look.  Still, if, like Bradley Cooper, it is paired it with a five day stubble, a deep V,  and a bad boy cant, you may find it gallant and sharp. For tips on creating the mansome version of the top knot, click style notes.

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Featured on the cover of Shape Magazine’s June issue, Britney Spears looks back to her best. With an all over radiant glow, her golden blonde locks are shaped in the au courant style: tousled, cascading beach waves. One of the best things about this look is that it’s not meant to be tooperfect, so it’s easy to recreate, and works for casual weekend jaunts, whether at the beach or not. For our tips on making waves, click style notes.

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Blonde hair and warm weather go hand in hand. Hairdressers know it’s spring when they start hearing requests for hair that is “lighter and brighter.” Blonde shades come in a variety of hues and every stylist has their favorite go-to formula’s that work on a wide variety of skin tones and never go out of style. This pale, beige blonde is one of my signature colors. A slight sparkle of golden warmth is overlaid with taupe for a neutral, but complex tone. It is soft enough for fair skin, but rich enough to hold its own against darker complexions, with a balance of warmth and coolness that works on almost everyone. Read the style notes for tips on application, and my favorite formula. –– Laura Martin 

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