From the daily archives: "Sunday, June 16, 2013"

What’s the most asked for hair color in the world right now? “Errer, yeah, I want one of them that’s like, y’know, darker at the roots but brighter on the ends.” Despite the likes of Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker bringing it to the center of fashion’s eye, it seems many are still unsure what to call it or how to ask for it. Today on Style Noted, we clear things up. “Ombre” is the name and this is what it is, exactly: Any fabric design in which the color is graduated from dark to light. Simples. In hair, it is being used to make a darker shade at the root gradually bleed into a lighter tone for a soft and subtle and natural look. It is also being used for avant-garde tonal changes (see these Style Notes), but most will be better off pairing an understated ombre with the artful addition of texture, like Jennifer Carpenter’s image, above.

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