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texture pony

In fashion, a key element of each season is the texture of fabrics. Smooth, embossed, or abrasive, different textures give simple silhouettes a wow-factor, taking ordinary to extraordinary. Applied to hairstyles, the same principle holds true –– the right styling can make what once as plain full of pop. In the past season, a number of variations of the classic ponytail typify this approach. My favorite is the textured low ponytail.  A slight tweak to a classic staple puts you on the vanguard of fashion, makes you effortlessly chic. To try this trend, click through style notes for tips on making it at your vanity mirror. — Michelle Rotbart 

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The victory roll originated in the forties when women needed to pin up their hair to work in (war-time) factories. The modern working girl still needs hair out of her way, and as we move into the future, sleek, fuss-free style are sure to come in handy. A glossy, immaculate finish, extra height and tight sides give this old school style a brand new twist. Read on for steps to creating the look. –– Laura Martin 

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A sleek and low ponytail has a sweet, innocent feeling. The loose sheet of glossy strands draped over the ears and tied at the nape is both polished and easy. Combine this look with a simple black dress for understated elegance or use the clean silhouette to blanche a bold pattern. The minimal look pairs well with just about everything, and fits any occasion from casual to glamorous. Read on for tips on how to create it. — Laura Martin

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