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Fierce creative edge, texture, softness and fluidity make these fabulous styles for summer. Short and shattered shapes with looseness, flexibility, and an imperfect perimeter offer lots of interior space for the hair to swing and move, which is a great way to enhance disheveled, lived-in looks, whilst the lightweight shortness is great for keeping cool. Use these images as inspiration for a graphic shape that’s easy to wear all summer long. And for short hair styling tips, click the notes.

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As a fashion and beauty maven, Lauren Conrad continues to fly high. This uplifting style –– a happy marriage between a beehive and a chignon –– is a great one to try for the weekend. Shiny and voluminous, it keeps hair off the face and raises the profile of features like cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes. It looks great as it is, but a bow, jeweled headband, or other playful accessory could be used to finish in a more whimsical way. For our tips on shaping a similar look, click style notes.

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With the advent of ombre, all kinds of imaginative dip-dyes have come into fashion; purple, pink, and other pastel-gelato shades are now some of the most desirable hair colors, especially in summer, when we want to feel glee and free. This has led to many girls wanting to get their My Little Pony on, but the commitment of a permanent pink can be a little scary. Happily, hair chalking has also risen to prominence. It is a way to temporarily ‘chalk’ color onto locks at home. The best bits: there are a rainbow of colors to choose, they wash out easily, and you can place the colors anywhere you want them. When applying, use chalk to highlight a bang or braid or bun, or to create a multi-tonal hue. Most important, make chalking playful and fun. Click the Style Notes for some tips…

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