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One thought we imagine to occur at every girl’s vanity mirror from time to time: “My cut and color is so cute, I love it. I don’t want to change. But I feel like doing something different and new, a quick transformation, just for today! But I have no earthly idea what to do.” What is oft forgot it that to make a dynamic difference, all you need is the right accessory. So for women and girls wondering how to conduct their summer change-ups, let’s take a look at some accessories that can provide a wonderful accent to your hairstyle…

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Glasses are in, really in. Big, black, nerdy frames that would have made you the laughing stock of fifth grade will now give you a stylish, flaunting, nerdiness that is all the rage. Glasses emphasize the eyes, make you look smarter, and class up slinky ensembles. But, pair this accessory with the wrong hairstyle and the look can quickly turn from hot teacher to hot mess. This guide will keep you on track with tips for flattering and balancing your frames. Read on for a complete list of dos and don’ts. –– Laura Martin

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summer ombre

Ombré –– it’s an easy summer trend that just won’t fade. Unlike highlights, which offer ribbons of color from roots to ends, ombré begins with darker roots and blends to lighter tips. The sunny season is the best time for this low maintenance look, since the sunshine naturally brightens the ends of hair. Not only does the gradation of color flatter women of all skin tones, but there is no need for constant root touch ups –– lengthening time between in-salon visits, and keeping cash in your pocket. However be mindful to keep your style looking natural, not forced; it’s best to have your colorist stay in the range of your own hair tone and keep a subtle graduation between hues. Ready for the beauty of dark to light? Click through to style notes for tips and tricks to be perfectly sun-kissed. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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Bright fruit drenched in rich chocolate is a light, yet decadent, summer treat. The combination of  bittersweetness and tart sugar brightness creates a balance that’s pleasing to both the tongue and the eyes. Deep browns anchor and frame bright pinks and reds, adding sophistication to the playful shades, especially when the vibrant hues peek out from interior layers with tantalizing juiciness. Read on for professional formulas and application tips. — Laura Martin

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