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Perfect for when you want to be little miss chic; magic for covering up a bad hair day; fabulous for when you don’t want to think about it, hats are cool and funky and fun. And even a fedora can be made feminine. The key to wearing one is to create piece-y or wavy texture in the hairstyle, and then let tresses fall out of the hat in a casual yet elegant way. As another alternative, the style also works well with loose ponytails or casual buns. For our tips on wearing fedoras fashionably well, click style notes.

dry hair
It’s not even July and I’m sweating in my silk the minute I step outside –– at 7am. The scorching weather means it’s time to hibernate the hot-iron, curling wand, and blow-dryer and opt for air-drying strands. It’s a great way to do your locks a favor; sans heat-styling, hair is able to retain more elasticity, moisture, and is less prone to damage. Air-drying is also the simplest and quickest way to style –– no excessive primping here. There are many ways to get sexy, chic hair without heat-styling. Click through to style notes to read up on some of my favorites. –– Michelle Rotbart 


Jane Fonda’s voluminous hairstyle is one of the most memorable elements of the cult classic film, Barbarella. Her character is confusing and the plot is loose, but her sexy allure is undeniable, and her over-the-top hairstyle is a big part of the appeal. Barbarella’s full, sandy locks float in zero gravity, flutter through the sky as she’s carried by an angel, and flounce through her many erotic encounters. The full, tousled style is fun, timeless, and a little bit naughty. Read on for tips on how to create it. –– Laura Martin 

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Hot weather and cold beer go together. These days, however, tastes are refined and we like to do more than grab some buds. Hip young things prefer pale summer ales from Belgium –– the way they balance spice and hops with light sweetness is a tasty, alluring treat. With brightness, complexity, and a bit of golden sugar today’s best blondes have similar qualities. And like a cold beer, a gorgeous blonde is the perfect match for warm, sunny days. Get my professional formulation and application for this refreshing, Belgium-beer-inspired shade in the style notes. — Laura Martin

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