From the daily archives: "Thursday, June 27, 2013"



Selena Gomez’s styling goes from strength to strength. She played the fun and flirty child star so well, and now that she is evolving into a young women, her look is going the same way. Here she shows off an elegant low updo, which is a great way to combine the casual and the chic. The opposite –– a high updo –– can appear too forced and too dramatic, especially on such a pretty and radiant young belle. This way, Selena is able to keep hair off the face –– helping to elevate cheekbones and chin in a polished and sophisticated way, while living that magical moment between woman and girl.



The city is hot, the air is sticky, the humidity is suffocating. With this weather, most of us are ready to ditch the cement and run to sea. Whether you’re headed to the beach to lounge in shade or to splash in water, emulate the season’s best braided styles to keep you looking easy and cool. Click through to style notes for tips on how to be the cutest, coolest bunny on the shore. –– Michelle Rotbart 


Hand painting has become the preferred highlighting method for many stylists and it’s easy to see why. The technique can create looks from subtle to vibrant, with high contrast or soft dimension. But the real beauty of hand painting is how easy it is to customize. Placement of the transition line (the place where the change from light to dark occurs), density of brightness (the ratio of light to dark), and positioning of high points (visible highlights above the transition line) can create illusions of shine, emphasis, and softness to highlight features and minimize problem areas. Read on to learn more about flattering your face and hair with this bespoke technique. –– Laura Martin

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