From the daily archives: "Friday, June 28, 2013"


When you think of an updo, you think about weddings, or other formal or stuffy occasions. Yet buns and ponytails can also be casual, and fashionable too. In this style,  Amanda Seyfried captures both of these elements. A twisted interpretation of a chignon, it doesn’t appear too formal or forced, and the contoured twine on top feels Eastern-inspired, which is right on trend for summer. For tips on making it yours for the weekend, click style notes.


Stuart Weitzman’s not daft. When there’s a new collection to flog, nobody does it better than Moss. Her signature insouciance –– sexy, bold, carefree, confident, comfortable in knee high boots and knickers –– appeals to the camera, and to all of us. Her just-rolled-out-of-bed strands are great too. Offering a rumpled, blithe elegance, it captures the essence of Moss’s aesthetic, and of modern beauty trends: Imperfect is perfect. To see the rest of this campaign, click style notes.

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This is a great change for Camilla Belle. Ever since Karlie Kloss’s artful ‘Chop,’ –– a wispy and lightweight, chin-grazing, razor-cut version of a bob –– was named hair cut of the year, celebrity’s have been lining up for their own modern interpretation of the bob’s classic style. Camilla’s attempt is one of the best. With all that long hair swept back into a pony she looks stark and boring; too polished, too prim. On the other hand, the tousled bob dances between her cheekbones and chin, and sweeps across the eyes, creating a face-frame that makes her look young and fresh and cool and beautiful. A true contemporary Belle. For our tips on getting and styling a bob, click style notes.

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After shaving her sides back in the Fall of 2012, Miley Cyrus’s signature style has been a pompadour, but the young maven of fashion and beauty let her hair down for a recent  radio interview. The ‘comb-over’ elicits, in the mind’s eye, pictures of grumpy balding men desperately trying to hang on to their hair, yet Miley shows how to give it a modern and feminine twist. With a deep side-part and hair swept from one side to the other, it draws attention to her beguiling eyes and strong cheekbones. The stark contrast between her bright yellow blonde and dark roots also adds visual interest the style. For tips on creating a similar look, click style notes.