From the daily archives: "Monday, July 1, 2013"


Miranda Kerr epitomizes easy summer trends with this flouncy shirt-dress, big brimmed hat, and jaunty side-braid. Notice how there is a few loose, indiscriminate hair strands popping out of either side of the hat; this helps to frame Miranda’s face and keeps the aesthetic casual and carefree. Combining youthful allure and girlish charm, the hat and the braid is a classic combination for hippy-chic girls. For tips on achieving a similar look, click style notes.

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Ponytails are a quintessential summer style; quick, easy, and less fussy than other up-styles. The classic shape works for a variety of aesthetics, and can easily be customized with detailing. This particular variation pairs sleek texture and low volume with with a pair of partings, drawn in opposite directions from the same point at the front hairline. The look is refined and tailored, with a bit of rocker edginess, especially if the parts are drawn from the center forming a mohawk shape. For an unexpected collaging of moods, pair it with your favorite sun dress. Read on for detailed steps to creating the look. –– Laura Martin

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This week, life is all about Fourth of July barbecues, beach and pool parities. To show off beautiful locks and makeup, while staying cool and fresh, we can steal a few tips from the stars. From tousled waves to adorable pixies, there are many beautiful styles that will inspire the independence of your inner beauty. Click through to styles notes to get a close-up look of the best celebrity looks of the week. –– Michelle Rotbart


Blending rich fruit with earthly depth, this color is reminiscent of aubergine and ripe blackberries. Both natural and bold, the subdued vividness of this shade is a great way to add interest to a classic chocolate, and offers rich possibility for girls who love vibrancy and subtlety. This is a tricky shade to achieve, but we’ve got you covered: read the style notes for a professional formulation and application tips. –– Laura Martin

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