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Is there are better way to show your patriotism and pageantry than with glorious milkmaids? Probably. But flag tees and other kitschy red, white, and blue ensembles feel tired, while there’s something inherently free about the whimsy of a wispy braided updo. It’s laid back vibe is perfect to channel the spirit of the All American Girl, and it’s practical too: no hair on the back of the neck in sunny, 90-degree barbecues. To liberate your milkmaids, view inspiration from the images above, and read styling tips in the notes below.

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In works of art, lines lead the eye. They draw attention across a page or canvas, creating sensations of movement or stillness; in hair, lines focus awareness, and multiple edges falling at differing heights and angles create unexpected shifts. A great hair cut can highlight multiple features and downplay the face’s natural asymmetry, enhancing unique attributes while minimizing imperfections. Geometric bobs, hovering around cheekbones and chin as they do, exemplify this idea. Read on for tips to making this cut work for you. — Laura Martin

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Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Pryce, full of alcoholism, ambition, and the best-looking men on Madison Avenue. Don Draper and crew have recreated the art of masculinity –– sharp tailored suits, pocket squares, short back and sides, and scotch –– neat, with a splash of water. The classic styles and retro details of the 1960s, artfully recreated in the Mad Men series, are now inspiring the look of today’s modern gentlemen. The groomed and cropped styles are universally appealing to the ladies, and add a dose of the debonair to any man. To get the suave looks of my favorite Mad Men, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 


Going lighter has many benefits; it softens features, brightens skin, emphasizes texture, and makes hair feel fluffy and light. A tiny spark of vibrant tone ups the enchanting playfulness of flawless platinum with a trendy candy twist. Paint a streak across the edge of your bangs to emphasize your eyes, or anywhere you want to add interest. A piecey, short cut, keeps it light and versatile, transitioning from preppy to funky with ease. To get this sweet, summer treat in a few simple steps, read on for product recommendations, cutting tips, and professional hair color formulas. –– Laura Martin

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