From the daily archives: "Wednesday, July 3, 2013"


Independence Day is synonymous with fun and frolicking by the beach. If that’s your Holiday weekend plan, you need hair to complement the laid-back vibe. With the advent of beachy hairstyles, the drop down wave –– a textural wave cascade that begins about halfway down the hair shaft –– is one of the most sought-after summer styles. The trick is to make, at the root, straight strands that transition into spiraling tumbles of texture. This fluctuation offers romantic tousle and flow, and is a great way to spotlight ribbons of color, like highlights or dark to light ombre effects. A perfectly free-wheeling style to celebrate your independence, this look is achievable in a few simple steps. For our tips, click style notes.


This faded pastel-rose tone embraces the trend for candy-coated hair color, yet in a refined, muted hue. For anyone that has gone bright in recent seasons, this is a great, fashion-forward way to tone down your look with hazy pastel pinks. It would also be an excellent way to offset an early onset of grey. With a vintage, flower-power feeling, it’s ideal for floral dresses and otherworldly accessories. For tips on attaining a similar tint, click style notes.

one side

This side swept look mixes natural waves with a faux undercut, combining romanticism and edginess in one gorgeous look. The slick side can be twisted or braided, providing textural contrast and creating space, while shifting hair for concentrated thickness and movement. The shape also keeps hair pinned up off the neck, with tumbled lengths around the face adding softness so you can stay cool while looking fabulous. Read on for steps and variations. –– Laura Martin 

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