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In the 1920s, Flappers were a new breed of women intent on flouting the rules of acceptable society. Known for being brash, treating sex casually, and dressing provocatively –– they had the temerity to bob their hair –– these fashionable young women set the scene for women’s liberation. Now, with The Great Gatsby remake bringing the Jazz Age back into style, many of autumn’s trends are modern interpretations of the fashions of that time. Always on the pulse, Taylor Swift cut right to it at the VMAs. Her romantic pin-curls give her a faux-bob shape, creating a vintage, retro vibe that swings like a Charleston. With modern hot-tools, anyone with mid-length locks can recreate pin-curls in a few minutes, giving you a memorable style that will be the envy of your friends. Learn how in the style notes.

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Ombre is in for fierce competition this fall. The newest color trend on the landscape is a technique called Splash-Lights, created by New York based colorist, Aura Friedman. The look consists of a streak of highlights that move horizontally across the hair, creating the illusion of standing within a spotlight. According to Aura, her attempt was to “create the effect of a laser beam hitting the hair.” The look was created by painting a horizontal streak of bleach, beginning with the bottom layers and moving through to the top of the hair. The strands above the bleached sections are colored with a shade similar to the clients natural hue. Imagine having to maintain such a do? Even if you’re not rocking this avant-garde trend, and prefer to stick to subtle autumn low lights, you should be maintaining your color with the appropriate products. Click through to style notes how to make your hair color look fresh and last longer. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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A muted rainbow of cool hues adds modern playfulness to a vampy, prohibition era bob. A bold asymmetric color placement gives the crisp lines the quality of movement, and breaks up the solid feeling of the architectural shape. The look feels gothic and youthful with the just right mix of darkness and fun. Easily softened with texture paste and light makeup for daytime, or enhanced with bold lips and a glossy finish for evening, this standout cut and color gives a customized take on two of fall’s biggest trends: bob cuts and violet color. Read on for steps to achieving this beguiling combination. –– Laura Martin 

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