From the daily archives: "Saturday, September 7, 2013"

You may know Nikki Reed best as a star of the Twilight film series, but she’s making news with her gorgeous ombre waves. Her gradual color fade looks natural and sun kissed as if she were returning from a long summer away at the beach. Highlights around the face give her a warm glow and introduces the blonde color in a subtle way as it continues through her tresses. Click through for steps on how to create waves in your own hair, with or without the ombre touch. Click for StyleNotes →

Here’s a girl that divides opinion. Khloe’s brown to blonde ombre has joined the all time top ten posts list on Style Noted. Conversely, we’ve also fielded comments from those who feel she wears a cheap, trashy look. That’s harsh; it reflects the perception more than the hair, which is always shiny, lustrous, feminine, and on trend. Now moving away from the stark tips of blonde ombre, this graduation of color goes from chocolate to caramel to create a tasty dark to light effect.

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