From the daily archives: "Tuesday, September 10, 2013"

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A particularly stunning sunset is often set apart by the color, not of the sky, but of the clouds. The dimensional, semi-opaque forms reflect and combine the colors of the sky into scintillating combinations. This look has a similar beauty. Pairing vivid berry hues, corkscrew texture, and airy styling creates a look that is both powerful and feminine. The sculptural quality of the cut and the dark violet shade placed within the natural shadow line provides just enough weight and structure without compromising the enchanting lightness. Whatever your natural texture, this combination of softness and intensity is great styling inspiration; learn how add luminous whimsy to your own look in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Braids are imbued with history from civilizations across the globe, both ancient and modern. Their complex past may be one of the reason’s we’re so drawn to them and provides a variety of contexts as sources of inspiration for variations. This particular entwine has a a heavy richness that is reminiscent of pre-renaissance finery. Long thick hair, loosely folded, provides a luxuriant base which is then wrapped with metallic chord, edged in pearls. The resulting style has a feeling of ancient regalia. Read on for steps to achieving the look. –– Laura Martin

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Usually in the fall people tend to go darker, but this season bright, all over blondes are forecasted to be a big trend. Maybe it has something to do with balancing the punk and gothic influences that are making a big impact on the current collections. Maybe it’s because warm blondes will make the most of what’s left of your tan. Whatever the reason pale warm hues are having a moment. Read on to get the professional formulation for this trending shade and tips for getting it to come out perfect. –– Laura Martin 

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