From the daily archives: "Saturday, September 21, 2013"

Shiny, healthy and straight hair starts long before your flat iron hits your strands. Miranda Kerr is a shinning example of a woman who’s hair looks like it has a naturally glossy finish. This is a look that is extremely wearable for any occasion, and with some manipulation, almost any hair type can get the texture too. Click through for a step-by-step guide to getting sleek strands.

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Recently, Jessica Chastain has been upping the style stakes with an array of fabulous looks. With tousled waves through the back, this medieval-inspired ‘do feels like the return of Guinevere. The micro braid headband is a chic and trendy addition to the look, and alludes to the impression of a damsel in distress in a Dark-Age castle. In the modern world, this is a great fit for those that want to keep hair off the face, stay on-trend, yet don’t want the formality of an updo. Oh, and check out the bejeweled clip in the back –– fancy!