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The style choices of the Kardashian’s often range from the questionable to the garish. Lately though, Khloe’s stepping it up. Pairing a demure black and white jacket with a dramatic, high ombre’d pony, she’s on trend with style and class. The sleek pony spotlights the artful graduation of color, which goes from dark chocolate brown to a honey-blonde hue. Meanwhile, the pony is secured by wrapping hair strands around its base, creating an organic feeling, and helping to hold up the ‘tail. Want to make this your statement weekend ‘do? For our tips, click style notes.

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Boys who sprouted chest hair in the 90s will have the image of Helena Christensen rolling and frolicking on the beach to Wicked Game, Chris Isaak’s brooding ballad of unrequited love, seared into the brain. Remarkably, more than 20 years on, the ageless Danish supermodel looks just as good. Lensed for the Fashion Issue of Red UK, she goes from demure to sultry in a series of electrifying shots. To see the full spread, click style notes.

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Hair color is such a powerful thing; it has the potential to change how we are perceived, and can even transform how we perceive ourselves. It is not merely coincidence that blondes are said to have more fun, that brunettes are considered earthly and natural, that redheads are thought of as a fiery breed. One of the most striking, boldest tones is white platinum blonde, and with the retro 1960s Factory Girl aesthetic back in fashion silver is now a vanguard way to set your personality apart from the crowd. For tips on making this tone yours, click style notes. 

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