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Kristin Sarzosa, stylist at the award-winning  Lounge Hair Studio, sent us this striking editorial image that plays up the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of of modern multi-textured styles. We love how the style blends the whimsical romance of artful, tumbling texture with a gritty, street-tough feeling. For Kristen’s personal and professional insight to shaping this style, click style notes.

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[vimeo 55471938 w=500&h=281]

There’s lots of debate about the best hair accessories; few, however, split opinion as much as the scrunchie. Women love it, mock it, or hate it. Invented by Philip E. Meyers and later patented by Rommy Revson, the fabric covered elastic tie gained popularity in the 1980s, but a decade on, it had met its death. Fashion loves a good resurrection though, and after years of fighting for head space, the scrunchie surfaced on a supermodel. Cara Delvingne was recently recruited by My Crazy Scrunchie (MSC London), a hair accessory brand, to star in a Scrunchie Western, a short film. Watch the surprising and entertaining video surrounding scrunchies below –– perhaps you’ll be inspired to wear one yourself….or not. –– Michelle Rotbart


If you love pink hair but aren’t sure how to make it work for fall, this color is for you. Warmth and autumnal spice give a new dimension to the pretty, feminine shade. Cayenne tinged coral looks great with fall colors and blends beautifully as a highlight in chocolate browns and natural blondes. Read on for tips on achieving the shade at the salon with my professional formulation suggestions…..–– Laura Martin 

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Frizz has been a dirty word in hairdressing since the eighties when volume and poof went a little too far. The nineties backlash showed a penchant for sleekness. We swapped big bouncy hair for flat styles and piecey, defined finishes achieved with pastes and pomades. But since the millennium, slowly, we’ve seen texture return. Nowadays, waves and curls are used to add dimension and movement to styles. Fluffy texture is a new, fanciful option for coils and curls, expanding and lightening hair into bouncy, airy, cloud-like proportions. The styles shown here pair fuzz with sleekness for refined, dual-texture combinations. Read on for steps on creating modern, sexy frizz. –– Laura Martin 

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