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As the star of Twilight, Ashley Greene’s vampy raven strands were a perfect fit. But with a slew of new roles on the horizon, a change of image was past due. Cue a new golden blonde bombshell hair color, debuted at the LA screening of her anticipated new flick, CBGB. Fresh, bright, and playful it lightens her complexion, adding youthfulness and beauty. Ashley has been slowly lightening her locks for a few months, which is the safest way to go from brunette to blonde. If flaxen appeals to you, click style notes for our professional tips on changing hair colors.  Click for StyleNotes →


Dancing queen Julianne Hough took inspiration from the original jazz-jiving flappers for her latest hairstyle. A modern version of finger-waves, the style boasts an asymmetrical, short-to-long shape, a swooshing side-part adorned with subtle and shiny waves, and contemporary, undone ends. For anyone with mid-length locks in need of a touch of Daisy Buchanan’s old-world glamor, this is a roaring interpretation of the signature style of the 1920s. To learn to create it at home, click style notes.

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shiny hair
Whether it’s rare gems or dazzling hair, the eyes are drawn to sparkly things. And though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right now I’ll settle for locks with distracting shine. After the summer excess, my hair has looked and felt dull and lifeless. But I’m finding the right products make it easy to get the sparkle back. Looking to put glister back into your tresses? Click through to style notes for tips and tricks so you hair can shine bright like a diamond. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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Romance and grit combine for a new take on the pixie cut. The shape is soft and feminine with a grungy edge. A piecey, brow-dusting fringe is balanced by tapered sides and back. The long top looks great sleek, textured or voluminous, for styles that work with leather jackets, elegant gowns or your favorite t-shirt. The shape can be yours in a few simple steps; read on to find out how. –– Laura Martin 

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