From the daily archives: "Sunday, October 13, 2013"

We’ve talked a lot about the coming trend for texture. And there are many ways to create waves and curls. Setting hair with a curling iron is great because it is quick. But there are two downsides: One, it doesn’t last –– when you wake up the next day hair is flat; two, the white hot heat of an iron, over the long term, damages your locks.

So, we are planning to do more Style Notes with the age-old art of setting hair with rollers. A breeze to work with, rollers get hairs working together so you can shape and style in a new way. Because rollers come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, you can choose to change your style radically or to make a small, subtle change. It makes rollers creative and fun to work with.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at the features and benefits of some different types of rollers and some different types of sets, so you can use roller-setting to tailor different looks. First, though –– because you are rummaging in the closet for your old school rollers right now –– let’s look at the basic way to successful roller-setting….