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It’s fun to work alongside the talented people of ARROJO NYC. We get to see beauty transformations take place, we get to see trends take off. Just this week beauty editor, the charming Vicki Chan, came to ARROJO dreaming of “undertones of rich copper, and fine gold and amber threads fading into a deep, full-bodied purple.” We liked the autumnal sound of that; and the results –– a multi-tonal combination of copper and deep red with pops of purple shining through –– were so terrifically trendy and beautiful, we feel sure this ombre’d shade is going to be one of the most desired of the season. Happily, both Vicki and her colorist, Amberhave shared their thoughts with us. To read about their process, click style notes…  Click for StyleNotes →


We tend to associate the 1920s with sculpted finger waves, but many famous flappers –– like Louise Brooks and Coleen Moore –– preferred sleek finishes. This cut, which has a tapered nape and short length at the sides, was a screen siren favorite. The striking combination of crispy lines, dark color and smooth surface provided a dramatic look, on screen and off. To modernized the classic “shingle bob” a crisp graduated edge is paired with deep navy and eggplant shades. The result is both striking and understated, timeless and trendy. Click the style notes to learn how to achieve this modern take on 1920s glamour. –– Laura Martin 

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When I first started my hairdressing career in the early 2000s sleek and smooth was the go-to finish. A polished cascade of strands is beautiful, but it’s not the only desirable texture. Playing with surface quality is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change up your look. Incorporating braids or twists will give new life to classic shapes like the ponytail. Try one of these texture updates to shake up your hair routine: tight twists for a dramatic edge, a loose braid for a bit of romance, or folded loops for femininity. Click the style notes for tips on creating a variety of finishes. –– Laura Martin

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A delicious mocha combines warm silky chocolate with rich earthiness for a complex mix of bitter and sweet flavors. The color inspired by this beverage offers the same tantalizing qualities, mixing warmth and coolness for a dark luxurious hue. Wear it alone for or swirl it with a slightly lighter shade to soften the flavor like a splash of milk. Read on for the recipe and mixing recommendations. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →